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Most frequently asked questions:

+ How do I install DataNostra?

+ How do I select files to back up?

Select Tools | Configure from the main menu or press the "Configure" button.

The File Explorer will open up, showing you all the files you have on your computer.

Use the check boxes to select individual files or whole folders to back up.

Advanced users can click on the "Filters" button on the bar at the top of the File Explorer. This will open the Applications and File Types Explorer. Here you can select files to include or exclude from your backup based on application or file type.

+ How do I back up my files?

After you have made your file selection, you can either press the "Start Backup" button or let DataNostra back up automatically for you. Go to Tools | Options to make the appropriate selection.

+ How do I restore a file that has been backed up?

Select Tools | Restore from the main menu or press the "Restore" button. The Restore Explorer will open up, showing you all the files you have backed up to DataNostra servers. Select a file or files to restore using the check boxes, then click the "Begin Restore" button. DataNostra will restore your files to a temporary folder. Once all the files you selected have been placed there, DataNostra will ask you if you want to place them in their original folders. You can either place them back in their original folders or have DataNostra open Windows Explorer on the temporary folder where they have been saved.

+ How do I replace a computer?

+ How do I add a computer to my DataNostra account?

+ Other frequently asked questions

Q. Why does Windows report different size on disk than does DataNostra? A. Windows reports approximate size on disk when you view a hard-disk's properties. To get an accurate report, you have to add up all folder properties for a specific disk. Q. Why do I get an error saying "File is open - cannot backup"? A. The Microsoft infrastructure required to make shadow copies has failed to initialize. Please restart the the following services: · Volume Shadow Copy. · COM+ System Application. · Distributed Transaction Coordinator. . MS Software Shadow Copy Provider. Q. What security features does DataNostra have? A. 1. Encrypted file names. 2. Runs as a service while you are not logged on and away from your computer. 3. Blowfish encryption algorithm. 4. Files are encrypted twice before leaving your computer. 5. Secure data centre in Sydney, Australia. Q. What data integrity features does DataNostra have? A. 1. Files are double checked to ensure integrity of copies. 2. Q. Are empty folders backed up? A. No. DataNostra only backs up files. Your folder structure is not known to us (part of the security we offer) and we don't want to know. Q. Do I need to monitor my back ups? A. Definitely. After every backup, DataNostra tells you exactly which files were backed up - and just as importantly - which were not backed up and why. Q. Can I download my files using a web browser? A. No, you can't, for the simple reason that we do not know your file names nor your folder structure. All we know about your files is their size, the time they were backed up, and a code that looks like this: F0A6DF62-9BA3-4721-8BDDECDD8DA1D066. Q. Then how can I download my backed up files? A. By using the DataNostra software. Simply click on the Restore button on the main screen, and a list of files exactly like your folder structure will be shown to you. Select which files or folder you want to retrieve, click Restore Now, and in a few moments, depending on the size of the files, they will be downloaded directly to your computer. Q. I get an "Unexpected Error in Wininet channel(2)" or similar error. A. Internet Explorer is in offline mode. To use WinInet, IE needs to be in online mode. Open Internet Explorer and uncheck "Work Offline" from the File menu.