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What does DataNostra do?

DataNostra makes it easy for you to make backups of your work. Instead of you having to manually copy your files to a CD, USB key, or external drive every night, we do it for you. Our software makes encrypted copies of your files and sends them to your space on our secure online servers.

How does it work?

DataNostra works by installing a small piece of software on your computer which gives you options for selecting the files and folders you wish to protect as well as when and how often it should run the backup process. After the initial set up, there is no intervention required on your part. DataNostra 'wakes up' at the scheduled times and backs up your files automatically and without fuss. After the backup finishes, we email you a report detailing the results.

Files of any type and size

Your files can be of any type: Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook PST files. Or they may be databases such as SQL Server MDF and LDF files, MS Access, or the databases used by other programs you use. All accounting packages are supported, such as MYOB, QuickBooks, and so on. You may backup AutoCad files, picture files, music files, or videos; in short, any type of file at all! And they may be of any size, from the tiniest text file to the largest Oracle database.

Stop what you're doing? Forget about it.

You don't have to close any running programs or to 'take a break' for DataNostra to make backups of your data. Built right in from the ground up is the ability to backup your files while you're working on them. In fact, we've gone to extraordinary lengths to make our software perform its duties as automatically and as quietly as possible.

What happens if I lose a file?

Or indeed, a computer? Should disaster strike, your files are available online for you to download twenty four hours a day, all year round. And you do this at the click of a button, right there from your desktop. There is no waiting for emails, no queued download jobs, no searching through piles of DVD's or CD's, no banging your head against the keyboard.

Why should I backup online?

Because at the very least, your backups should be stored away from the computer where the original files reside. Data losses due to fire, flood, or theft often involve the loss of the computer with the original data in it as well as the backups! Another good reason is that online backup provides a physical and procedural separation between the backup provider (us) and your own IT personnel. Whatever causes one to fail, this separation of concerns and technologies should keep the other from failing as well.