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Zero-wait Restores

Many backup services struggle with the concept of "easy" when in comes to restoring files. Often when you want to restore a file you are made to put a request through a web browser to a server somewhere which will eventually send you an email when it is ready to send you a file you needed to restore two hours before. We like to do things differently, and give you file restoration with a few mouse clicks, right from the software itself.
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Restore Assistant

The Restore Assistant gives you in-client, at your fingertips, no waiting restoration of your files. Give it a try. Backup a few files, pause the backup, open the Restore Assistant, and choose a file to restore. The response is as immediate as it is gratifying.

Multiple versions of your files

Need to restore to a version of a file from a week ago? No problem; DataNostra keeps different versions of your files as you change them. The Restore Assistant enables you to choose exactly which version to restore.

As you were

DataNostra gives you options to restore your files to a new location of your choice, or to their original folder. Makes re-installing to existing folder structures a breeze.