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Four levels of security

Ensuring the privacy and security of your documents is an integral part of the backup process. At DataNostra we go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your files are protected by four layers of security so that no-one, not even our engineers, can look inside your files.
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Before they leave your computer, your files are encrypted using a strong encryption algorithm known as AES. AES is the same encryption algorithm that banks and other institutions with high-level security needs use. Then, during transmission, every byte is encrypted once more to doubly ensure its security during transport.

Your Encryption Key

Your Encryption Key is a password chosen by you - and only ever known to you - that DataNostra uses to encrypt your files. Your Encryption Key is never stored by DataNostra. Should you ever lose it, no-one, not even DataNostra personnel, can help you recover it, and your files would remain encrypted forever.

Alphabet Soup instead of file names

Take a look at the image on the right. It's a picture of one of our Windows servers, with Windows Explorer open, showing some files. See the file names? Alphabet soup, right? That's how your file names appear on our servers. Neither your file names nor your folder structure are known by us. This unique feature, together with our strong encryption algorithm, means that not only is the content of your files safe from prying eyes, but even your file and folder names are illegible to anyone but you. Only you can ever know what data your backups hold.

Log in to access your files

As if all the above security wasn't enough, we offer yet one more level of security: log in to use the software. Entering your username and password before you can access DataNostra from your machine ensures only authorised personnel have access to your backup information.